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The Challenge of Cleaning Your Curtains

Some cleaning jobs are definitely easier than others. Take wiping down the kitchen worktops with anti-bacterial spray for example. It never takes long and it keeps your worktops clean and safe.

Now let’s compare that to curtain cleaning. Curtains are by their very nature rather large. It depends on the size of your windows of course, […]

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Banish the After Party Blues and Prepare for the Clean Up Process

Most people enjoy a good party but if you’re the host it involves a lot of work both before and afterwards. There’s the food and drink to buy and plan for, you need to make sure your home is ready to receive your guests and you need to think about the music too. Of course […]

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The importance of regular carpet cleaning

Most people assume that a quick vacuum of the carpet every few days is enough to keep it clean however, they really are mistaken as carpets not only attract but also hold a lot of dirt. It’s not just the dirt that’s obvious that you should be trying to remove either; the dirt that you […]

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Cleaning upholstery and curtains

When you are doing the cleaning one area where you might not pay particular attention is the curtains. Even though surfaces might be dusted, floors might be mopped and the carpets may be vacuumed it’s easy to forget about curtains and upholstery when you clean the home. However like other surfaces in the home, the […]

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Top vacuuming tips

Most people vacuum their homes on a regular basis to remove dust and debris from floor surfaces. But even though this might be done regularly it might not be done properly, allowing the build -up of dust, dirt, allergens and other unwanted particles on the floor’s surface.

Vacuuming every inch of the floor’s surface

It’s important to […]

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