Most people vacuum their homes on a regular basis to remove dust and debris from floor surfaces. But even though this might be done regularly it might not be done properly, allowing the build -up of dust, dirt, allergens and other unwanted particles on the floor’s surface.

Vacuuming every inch of the floor’s surface

It’s important to vacuum every inch of the floor’s surface. If you only vacuum around furniture and chairs the dust will build up under these items – and as soon as a breeze blows across the floor the debris under these items will be blown back across the newly vacuumed floor surface. It’s thus important to move chairs, sofas, beds and anything else hiding a section of carpet so that it can be thoroughly vacuumed underneath.

Make sure you get right to the very edge

Some vacuums have a small attachment which allows vacuuming to the very edge of the floor surface. However in most cases it’s best to use the flexible hose and a small brush attachment to gently vacuum around the floor’s edge, removing the accumulated dust and dirt.

When cleaning always dust and clean all the other surfaces in the room before vacuuming. That way you will make sure you won’t get any cleaning debris over your nice clean floor.