Some cleaning jobs are definitely easier than others. Take wiping down the kitchen worktops with anti-bacterial spray for example. It never takes long and it keeps your worktops clean and safe.

Now let’s compare that to curtain cleaning. Curtains are by their very nature rather large. It depends on the size of your windows of course, not to mention the material the curtains are made from. However if you have heavy, well-made curtains that fall to the floor, you’ll be hard-pushed to get them into a washing machine without any trouble. Generally speaking it means washing one pair (or even just one curtain) at a time. Then of course you have the challenge of finding somewhere to hang them while they dry. It’s always best to dry them fully before hanging them back up in case anything nearby gets wet.

This then reduces your curtain cleaning time to the summer, when you get long sunny days to dry them in. The best bet is to either hang one or two at a time on your washing line, or to use a couple of drying racks to drape them over. Make sure you turn them every now and then if this is the method you use, so you can dry all sides evenly.

As you can see this really is an all-day job. An early start means taking the curtains down and popping them in the machine. You can then hang them up early to make the most of the sunshine all day. This is particularly important with heavy-duty curtains that are of exceptional quality.

The one major problem here is finding the time to get all this done. If you work all week the last thing you want to do at the weekends is to spend all day cleaning your curtains. Fortunately there is an alternative, and that’s to get a professional to come in and do all the hard work for you. Regular curtain cleaning keeps them in good condition, smelling lovely and free from dirt and dust. It’s just a pity it’s not a job that ever appears at the top of your list of things to do.

That’s why it helps to rely on a professional. You can book them to clean your curtains however frequently you want the job done. With experience in cleaning large items such as these, they’ll have them looking good as new in no time.