Office Cleaning

How Hygienic is the Average Computer?

Most offices have one or more computers depending on how many people work there. In many cases each computer is used by one person, but on some occasions they may be used by several people throughout the day. The only thing they all have in common is that every keyboard will contain an assortment of […]

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Office cleaning tips

There are a few places in the office which quite often get forgotten about when the cleaning is done. Here is a short list of those places and how best to make sure they are sparkling clean.

Window sills

Office window sills are often obscured by blinds so are sometimes forgotten about when the cleaning is done. […]

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Cleaning services in London

It’s easy to see why so many people in London are choosing to use cleaning services rather than trying to do the housework themselves. Because London is such a big city, travel time to and from work can be lengthy and with the expectations put on workers now more than ever, it’s no wonder London […]

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The importance of office cleaning

If you are the manager of an office you’ll undoubtedly have a lot of things on your agenda. And one of these things will be how to keep the staff happy. But whilst it may seem trivial to think about things like staff moral and staff retention, it’s your staff who are the core of […]

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Three places you might want to avoid in an office

Even though you might not believe it, many offices are in fact dirtier than your own home. But because an office is usually kept tidy it’s difficult to see the actual dirt on any of the surfaces. There are a few places in an office which should always be cleaned on a regular basis due […]

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