How clean are your windows at the moment? They certainly take a beating from the ever-changing weather conditions which makes regular cleaning an important task. They can get pretty grimy indoors too, especially in the kitchen and if you have kids or pets.

The best way to keep your windows sparkling on a daily basis is to clean them regularly. If you can do them on a weekly basis this is ideal. It might sound like a lot of hassle and the first couple of times it may be. However regular cleaning means that each subsequent clean will require little more than a basic wipe over to keep them looking good.

It is important to consider the challenges of cleaning both inside and out, since they may present different things for you to consider. For example outside you have the weather to think about, not to mention dust and dirt. Indoors you’ll have a far easier job, but as mentioned before the presence of kids and pets can make it more of a challenge.

One of the biggest problems when cleaning windows is reducing any smears that may appear on the glass. One good way to figure out whether a smear is inside or outside is to use a different motion when cleaning each side. For instance, when cleaning inside do so with an up-and-down motion. When outside, use a side-to-side motion. This way you will instantly know which side of the glass needs a little more TLC.

Glass cleaner is an ideal way to cut through grime on both the inside and the outside. However since the outside will be far more likely to attract dirt and grit, it is best to wash it with soapy water first. You can opt for the professional way of getting rid of the water by using a squeegee to remove it from top to bottom.

Of course few of us have the time to spend a couple of hours a week cleaning our windows inside and out. This is particularly true of those living in bigger properties. As such it might be worth hiring a cleaning company that is capable of ensuring your windows are washed and cleaned outside every week or two. All you have to think about then is cleaning them inside (unless of course you hire a cleaner to handle that too). Now there’s a thought.