Why Do the Smallest Jobs Always Take the Longest to Complete?

Wherever you live, whether it’s in the heart of London or in the quietest village, your property will always require some DIY. Some of those jobs will invariably be more involved than others. For example redecorating an entire room will take a weekend or more depending on the amount of work involved.

But what about that […]

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Do You Ignore Your Garden in the Autumn and Winter?

Most of us like to enjoy our gardens when the weather is good. However we can be very fair-weather people in this way. As soon as the nights grow longer and we swap the t-shirts for fleeces, we find ourselves ignoring the garden altogether.

This is fair enough – after all no one wants to sit […]

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Sprucing Up the Exterior of Your Property Before Winter Comes

The summer always seems to come to an end before we’re ready for it, doesn’t it? Autumn and winter bring their own challenges with them too, such as colder, damper and wetter weather – the kind of weather you have to be sure your home is ready for.

Before this time of year arrives, why not […]

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How to Keep Your Garden Looking Good Throughout the Year

Gardening can be immensely rewarding but it can also be demanding to keep up with all the tasks the average garden requires you to do. Every month brings with it a new host of tasks so it’s not even a question of doing the same things all the time and getting into a routine. If […]

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