It doesn’t matter if you have a business in London or you live in the city. Either way you’ll have cleaning to do; it’s a vital and regular part of life after all. It may not be a part of life any of us particularly enjoy, but we still tackle it.

The good news is there are options and one of them is to outsource your cleaning requirements to the experts. Indeed this is quite common in the business world and it’s becoming more common for homeowners to have a cleaner too. The less time you have the less appealing it is to spend ages cleaning your home when you have other more enjoyable things you could be doing.

Whatever the reason for hiring a cleaning team (or an individual cleaner) might be, it’s useful to know you can opt for a tailor-made service. After all, even though every premises (private or otherwise) needs regular cleaning, none of them are going to be exactly the same or have the same requirements.

For instance, let’s assume you and your neighbour live in houses that are of an identical design and size. You have a large family with two kids and two dogs, while your neighbour lives alone. Now she may be happy with a weekly clean and she may need little more than that, but your cleaning requirements will be very different. With boisterous pets bringing mud and dirt into the house and kids that create lots of work between them as well, you might think twice-daily cleaning wouldn’t be enough.

The same applies to all manner of business situations where cleaning is required. From offices to factories, each and every location will need specific cleaning routines to suit that particular business. This is why it can be enormously beneficial to work out a bespoke routine that is designed to suit your business and yours alone – or your household and yours alone.

There is also the advantage of being able to make changes to that routine if and when they become necessary. Perhaps a twice-weekly clean of your London business premises would suit to begin with. But as the business expands it may become clear this would no longer be enough. Instead you would have to change to a daily clean to ensure the high standard were being continually met.

What would work for you?