Most people assume that a quick vacuum of the carpet every few days is enough to keep it clean however, they really are mistaken as carpets not only attract but also hold a lot of dirt. It’s not just the dirt that’s obvious that you should be trying to remove either; the dirt that you can see clearly like muddy shoe prints on the carpet and dust that’s settled on the ground are relatively easy to remove so it’s the stuff that’s harder to see that you should really be focusing on. Dead skin cells, grease, hair and dust all settle on carpets and rugs and once they’ve settled and start to build up they are really hard to remove.

It’s not only dirt that you should be aware of but also the bacteria and allergens that not only form outdoors but also in your home if it’s not cleaned properly. Even more alarmingly, viruses like the flu can live on carpets for over a month if they’re not cleaned properly which is a serious threat to you and your family, especially as we head towards the winter months.

In order to avoid the flu virus this winter and to ensure your immune system won’t be weakened by the allergens and bacteria that are lurking in your carpets it’s essential to make sure you clean your carpets properly and regularly. If you’re not sure of the best way to do it yourself then it’s a good idea to get the professionals in as they’ll provide every inch of your carpet with a thorough clean for a great price.