When you are doing the cleaning one area where you might not pay particular attention is the curtains. Even though surfaces might be dusted, floors might be mopped and the carpets may be vacuumed it’s easy to forget about curtains and upholstery when you clean the home. However like other surfaces in the home, the curtains get dirty too, so when they do you need to make sure that you have a suitable cleaning solution available.

It can be easy to keep on top of the upholstery cleaning, a simple vacuum with a soft brush attachment once in a while can make a huge difference. However, from time to time the material may warrant a ‘full’ clean. So what do you do?

Upholstery and curtains can prove very difficult to clean, especially if the material isn’t able to be washed using conventional methods. In these cases it’s always better to turn to an upholstery cleaning specialist who’ll be happy to help.

Professional upholstery and curtain cleaners have the equipment and the know-how to get your soft furnishings beautifully clean without damage and with the minimum of fuss.