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Does Your Shop Make the Right First Impression?

First impressions are everything, or so we are told. This is certainly true of any shop we walk into. How many times have you wandered into a shop only to turn around and come straight back out again? It’s not what the shop owner would want to see you do, and yet there are many […]

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Three ways to get your deposit back after you leave a rented property

If you are just about to move out of a rental home the foremost thing on your mind will be recovering the deposit you put down when you started your tenancy. However, as many people who let know, it can be difficult to recoup all this money, especially if you’ve not kept on top of […]

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What cleaning services are available in London?

Cleaning companies in London offer many services besides regular cleaning alone. Some of the more popular services are covered here:

Upholstery cleaning

Whilst many people don’t think about cleaning upholstery and soft furnishings it’s important that these items are kept spotlessly clean so they don’t taint the look of your home. Professional upholstery cleaners in London use […]

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Cleaning Christmas decorations

We all love Christmas; family, friends and great food and drink all combine to a wonderful few days. However when Christmas is over and the New Year begins we turn our thoughts to taking down the decorations and starting the New Year afresh.

Many people have been using the same Christmas decorations for a number of […]

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School cleaning in London

If you have children you’ll know how difficult it can be to keep on top of the cleaning. So imaging cleaning after 10, 20, 100 or even 1,000 children every day – it doesn’t really bear to think about does it?

Most schools in London don’t do the cleaning themselves, they hire in specialist contract cleaners […]

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