If you are just about to move out of a rental home the foremost thing on your mind will be recovering the deposit you put down when you started your tenancy. However, as many people who let know, it can be difficult to recoup all this money, especially if you’ve not kept on top of the odd-jobs and the cleaning.

Inventory lists

Before you start any new let it can be a good idea to draw up an inventory list of everything in the property so it can be ticked off before you leave. If you do this any items which are missing can be replaced before the property is inspected.

Professional clean

It can also be a good idea to have the property professionally cleaned before the inspection takes place. An end of tenancy clean can bring the property back to a condition which is sure to impress anyone who enters the property. This alone can ensure that the deposit is returned as the landlord will know that their property has been looked after.

Keep in touch

In the weeks before the letting agreement comes to an end make sure to keep in good contact with the letting agent or the landlord, or both. If you do this it’ll give the impression that you care about what is happening and your imminent departure will be at the forefront of the landlord’s mind to return the deposit to you after you’ve vacated.