Most offices have one or more computers depending on how many people work there. In many cases each computer is used by one person, but on some occasions they may be used by several people throughout the day. The only thing they all have in common is that every keyboard will contain an assortment of crumbs and other undesirable items that accumulate there over time.

This is without considering the germs we pass on to each keyboard whenever we use it. If you don’t keep your hands clean you could pass germs on without even realising. It’s a sobering and rather worrying thought, isn’t it?

It becomes even more important when you consider how many workers don’t take proper breaks anymore. For example they might grab a takeaway coffee to take back to their desks instead of enjoying a 15 minute break outside. They might also opt for a sandwich or salad at their desk so they can continue working through their lunch break. Even if they decide to read at their desk the computer keyboard is never far away. There is every chance food and drink could spill, splash or crumble onto it to disappear between the keys.

We all know germs and bugs have a tendency to do the rounds when they make it into an office populated by several people. This unwanted trend could be reversed if we paid more attention to hygiene. According to research by AOL an amazing 2 grams of assorted detritus was recovered from just one keyboard in their experiment. This amount could actually build up in as little as one month!

If you are now looking down at your keyboard and wondering what is hidden in there, you are not alone. You may well see dust on the keys no matter how often you use your keyboard. But there is plenty more lurking beneath the keys too.

The good news is regular keyboard and computer cleaning is a great way to reduce the amount of crumbs, particles and other unmentionables that end up finding their way onto our office desks. No one enjoys cleaning and you need the right equipment if you’re going to make a good job of cleaning your keyboard properly. If you can have a professional take care of it for you on a regular basis you won’t have to view your keyboard with suspicion anymore!