Gardening can be immensely rewarding but it can also be demanding to keep up with all the tasks the average garden requires you to do. Every month brings with it a new host of tasks so it’s not even a question of doing the same things all the time and getting into a routine. If you grow fruit and vegetables the list can become ever more complex as the year goes on.

Whatever shape, size or type of garden you have the best course of action is to keep up with those tasks. This could mean mowing the lawn regularly, weeding the beds and pots or dead-heading the blooms as they start to go past their best. It’s always better to spend a few minutes each day tending to your garden than to let it get out of control and then have to devote an entire weekend to it. Quite apart from the aching muscles you’d get you will end up feeling as if you wasted a weekend, although the results will be worth it.

Clearly having a plan of action does work. The trick is to figure out how to fit that plan into your daily life on a regular basis. You’ll obviously have more to focus on during the summer months when the grass is growing and the flowers are blooming. However the other parts of the year will bring forth their own jobs as well. It all depends on how big your garden is as to which jobs you’ll need to tackle. For instance if you have a lawn you’ll need to mow it regularly in the summer. In contrast if you’ve opted for beds and gravelled areas with a patio this is one job you won’t need to do.

You’ll also have to bear the weather in mind. Few of us love being in the garden in a downpour, so you have to be willing to adjust your plans depending on what the weather throws at you. Another option is to hire someone to come in and handle your regular garden maintenance for you. Even if you love tinkering around outside on your own, you might want someone to visit monthly to do most of the hard work. It’s up to you which way you approach it but there are several options you can choose from to keep things looking good.