Even though you might not believe it, many offices are in fact dirtier than your own home. But because an office is usually kept tidy it’s difficult to see the actual dirt on any of the surfaces. There are a few places in an office which should always be cleaned on a regular basis due to the build-up of dirt and germs. And most of them are where dirty hands may touch with an increased frequency.

Computer keyboards

Computer keyboards are a magnet for dirt and germs. And if you hot-desk you might find that you are sharing everyone else’s germs as well. Due to the nature of the keys being pressed on a regular basis any germs you might have on your fingers are transferred to the keyboard every time to tap a key. This makes the keyboards the ‘dirtiest’ place in every office.

Door handles

Because the frequency of the cleaning is usually done far less in an office environment, germs and dirt can accumulate on door handles. And it’s because with the frequency they are touched that this can be a problem.

Kettle handle

When was the last time you cleaned the handle on your office kettle? You touch the kettle on a daily basis, and so does everyone else in the office! But if it’s not been cleaned it can be a haven for dirt, germs and bacteria.