There are a few places in the office which quite often get forgotten about when the cleaning is done. Here is a short list of those places and how best to make sure they are sparkling clean.

Window sills

Office window sills are often obscured by blinds so are sometimes forgotten about when the cleaning is done. A quick wipe over with a damp cloth is all that’s needed her to get rid of the dust and the dirt.

Computer monitors

It’s often the case that the desk will be wiped over but the monitor will be left untouched. The plastic around the computer monitor can be wiped over with a well rung out cloth; it is important to note that it should only be very slightly damp. Then the screen can be wiped with a screen wipe or glass cleaner.

Door handles

If you are going to catch a cold from a fellow worker it’s likely that you’ll catch it from touching a door handle. For this reason door handles should be given extra focus when the cleaning is done.


The kettle is one of the most important components in the office, without it workers wouldn’t be able to have their regular cups of tea and coffee. However because it is touched by office workers regularly it needs to be kept just as clean as any other item to stop the spread of germs.