It feels great to give your home a proper top-to-bottom spring clean doesn’t it? The whole house is free from dust (or so it seems) and you can enjoy that experience for a good few days. And then it all appears again.

Dust contains all kinds of things including dead skin cells, but is it actually harmful?

Well, it certainly won’t help if you have a breathing condition such as asthma, and some people can have allergies that are exacerbated by a higher presence of dust. Yet it can be damaging in other ways as well.

Take your computer for example. When was the last time you dusted that? While dust isn’t excessively harmful in this situation, it can present problems. Every computer will have a fan in it that kicks in from time to time to keep it cool. This in turn prevents your computer from overheating and possibly short-circuiting in some way due to burnout. If excessive amounts of dust prevent the fan from cooling the computer as it should, you could be in for problems.

But dust can be damaging in other ways too. While it might sit lightly on surfaces of all kinds, including those made of wood and fabric-covered furniture too, it tends to get ground in if it is moved or disturbed. Thus the longer you leave a room in between dusting it, the worse the condition is likely to get. While you can still clean heavily-dusty surfaces there is more chance the dust will make marks. This is especially the case on fabric and similar surfaces where it can become ground in.

Thus there is a good case to be made for hiring a regular cleaner to take care of these tasks for you. If you love cleaning you won’t have a problem with excessive dust anyway. If you don’t you are far more likely to experience problems with build-up. These can easily be avoided by hiring a cleaner to handle your cleaning for you however often you deem it necessary. Since this is your home, perhaps once a week will be enough. If you tend to build up a lot of dust indoors (more common in built-up areas such as London) you may need cleaning to be done two or three times a week to make sure it is properly tackled and kept on top of. Either way you have the perfect solution to prevent a build-up of dust.