The summer always seems to come to an end before we’re ready for it, doesn’t it? Autumn and winter bring their own challenges with them too, such as colder, damper and wetter weather – the kind of weather you have to be sure your home is ready for.

Before this time of year arrives, why not think about sprucing up the outside of your property wherever you can? Think about the essential areas that really need some TLC. For example do you have a driveway? You’d be surprised how much cleaner and better it would look with a high-pressure clean before the winter. It also reduces the odds of any slippery moss starting to form – the kind of thing that is very dangerous when the weather starts to turn.

You should focus on all your paths too, both in front of your home and any you might have in your back garden. Paths, decking areas and block paving can all benefit from having a deep clean – the kind of result that is only possible through pressure cleaning.

It’s also a good time to clean out your guttering. If this is clogged with leaves, debris and other items that got there last winter, it probably won’t allow rainwater to drain away properly this year. By cleaning it out now you can ensure any rainwater that comes down will drain away properly instead of spilling over your gutters and running down the walls. In the long term this can cause all kinds of damage.

Now you’re probably looking at the suggestions made above and thinking, “Well that sounds good but when do I have the time to get all that done?” The answer is you don’t have to tackle it all in one go. Choose one day at the weekend to get one job done and then tick off the items on your list one by one. Alternatively you can hire someone to come in and handle the pressure cleaning and gutter cleaning for you. This is ideal if you don’t already have a pressure cleaner, or if you don’t have the time to get everything done in one go. It might also be a good idea if you don’t have enough experience of using cleaners like these. An expert will know how to get the most out of a pressure cleaner to bring your paths, driveway and other areas up to the best possible finish.