Carpet Cleaning

The importance of professional carpet cleaning

Even if you have a clean and tidy household your carpet can still be susceptible to stains. You might be the most fastidious cleaner in the world but over time the surface of your carpet will accumulate stains and marks which can’t be removed by vacuuming. The thing to do here is clean your carpet.

Many […]

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Carpet cleaning to remove dust mites and pet dander

One of the worst areas in your home for hidden dirt is the carpet. Whilst carpet surfaces might be vacuumed on a regular basis this vacuuming doesn’t always get deep down within the carpet’s pile and can leave the carpet looking grubby. The only way to clean a carpet properly is to have it professionally […]

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If you are decorating don’t replace the carpet – get it cleaned

If you are decorating a room you might be considering what to do with the floor covering.

Decorating can be a time consuming process but at the end you’ll have a beautifully decorated room which you’ll be proud of for years to come… Only you won’t be proud of it if the poor condition of your […]

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Cleaning carpets properly

One of the common mistakes which homeowners make after a new carpet is installed is to neglect it. It’s not good enough to rely on a vacuuming every now and again to keep a carpet looking great, there are also other things you can do to keep your carpet looking like new.

Removing the dust and […]

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Carpet and upholstery cleaning in London

Many people clean their homes regularly but rarely do they give any thought to the condition of their carpets and upholstery. Yes, carpets might get vacuumed occasionally and even curtains may be taken to the dry cleaners once in a while, but what about the rest of the soft furnishings around the home? And what […]

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