The New Year heralds the start of a new beginning for many people with New Year’s resolutions popular amongst the majority of the population of the UK. Most resolutions that are made in the New Year concern improving your life in some way, whether giving something up or starting something new. And one of the places many people choose to start making life improvements is in their home.

When the Christmas decorations are taken down and the house looks sparse it’s a good time to clean everything properly to start the New Year afresh. The Christmas festivities can lead to a lot of dust and debris building up in the home, with many surfaces hidden by cards or decorations. During the festivities we also tend to ‘forget’ the cleaning and would rather spend our time having fun with family and friends.

A New Year clean is a great way to get your year off to a good start whilst also keeping in line with any New Year’s resolution you might have made. After all, a clean home is a healthy home which can be a good starting point for a happy home.