Many professionals work long hours in the city of London and have little time to spend relaxing with friends and family. This is a trend which is growing all the time, and because of this cleaning companies across the capital are now offering other services alongside the regular cleaning services they have been providing for decades.

Some cleaning companies now offer services such as:

• Laundry – laundry is collected and washed and dried before being returned to the homeowner.
• Ironing – clothes are ironed, taking into consideration the type of clothes and any specific ironing requirements. This can be incorporated into the laundry service.
• Housekeeper service – cooking, cleaning and small jobs and errands can be done for the homeowner so that they can concentrate on the work they have to do.

It’s important that welfare of the home is kept up to a good standard, especially if you are seemingly permanently at work. But to do this you need a team of people working in the background keeping things on track.

It’s not just important to keep the home clean, it’s also important that home-maintenance jobs are done.