January is the perfect time to start afresh and sort out your home. Many people live with unerring amounts of clutter in their home which rarely gets used and is only kept for ‘sentimental value’. There may be some items which you own which really do mean something to you but others which should be packed away or consigned to the scrap heap.

Queen of clean Aggie MacKenzie (one half of the popular cleaning duo Kim and Aggie) is fascinated by how we tend to hold onto things which are really nothing more than junk. Her new TV series Storage Hoarders highlights the problems people have clearing out their home and starting afresh. Aggie says:

“Some of it does mean your past, your stories and identity, but actually a lot of it is superfluous to your life, and meaningless in many ways. Once we’re dead it’s useless anyway. People hanging on to stuff, it’s almost like a guarantee against mortality – like, ‘If my stuff is here then I’m here and everything will be OK.’ It’s a funny thing.”

Aggie’s programme encourages homeowners to sort through all their things before deciding on what to keep and what to get rid of, because it’s only when you declutter and wash away the grime that you can make a new start in the New Year.