If you are in the rental market you’ll know how finding the perfect flat can be extremely tricky. This is especially true in the city of London where flats are at a premium and prices can vary dramatically.

End of rental cleaning

If you are coming to the end of your rental agreement it’s worth making sure that the flat is looking at its best before it is inspected by the letting agents. Most rental agreements will incur some form of extra charges if items in the flat are missing or damaged or if the flat needs some work to bring it back to a state of repair consistent with its level when the agreement was signed. And the one place where residents fall down is the cleanliness of the flat.

If you hire an end of tenancy cleaning service in London, you’ll be able to get the flat looking its best before an assessment of its condition is made. If the flat is sparkling clean any deposit will be likely repaid and both the tenant and the property owner will be happy.

Before rental cleaning

Being a property owner can be frustrating if your tenant has left your property in a poor state when they have vacated. However, if you hire an end of tenancy cleaning service in London you can be sure the property will be looking spick and span before the new tenant moves in. The end of tenancy cleaners will conduct a thorough clean of the property and make sure everything is perfect so you can achieve the best rental margin.