New research which has been conducted by Rug Doctor across the UK has highlighted the occurrence of hidden bacteria and bugs in our homes.

The research found that nasties such as Shigella, Listeria, Salmonella and even Campylobacter lurk deep within the carpet pile waiting to contaminate an unsuspecting homeowner.

Common debris found within the carpet pile includes pet hair, human hair. Pollen, dust mites and skin cells. The study also showed that nearly half those who took part didn’t clean their homes as often as they should and not even a quarter only cleaned their homes when it was absolutely necessary.

Even though a carpet is inherently disposed to high concentrations of grime and dirt over 40% of those questioned revealed that they had never deep cleaned their carpets. Research also showed that only a quarter of people removed their shoes when entering a home and over half don’t ask guests to remove their footwear.

Commenting on the results, one half of Channel Four’s How Clean is Your House, Aggie Mackenzie, said:

“It’s worrying to think what could be lurking in our carpets and the findings show that we should be giving more consideration to carpet cleanliness, which is just as important as bathroom and kitchen hygiene. The research from Rug Doctor just goes to show that behind closed doors, we’re not a clean and tidy nation and so I’m appealing for people to particularly consider their carpet cleaning habits to reduce dirt and grime that could be having severe consequences on their health.”