It’s easy to forget the cleaning through the winter months when you batten down the hatches and try to keep warm through the bitter cold days and nights. However, in the spring and early summer, when the sun starts to shine through the windows once again, it’s easy to notice those marks on the window frame or the dust on the skirting boards.

When we awake from our winter slumber, there’s nothing more satisfying than decluttering the home and getting rid of anything which is no longer needed. And there’s also no better time for the aptly named ‘spring clean’.

If you have a large house having a spring clean can really be cathartic. You can do those jobs you’ve been putting off and really make the home look fantastic for those glorious summer days.

Cleaning companies in London offer a range of different cleaning options for different homes – but spring cleaning is one of their best. You might not want to enter a weekly or monthly cleaning agreement with a local cleaning company in London, but you might want a one-off clean that leaves your home looking fantastic and which can be completed within a single day.