When cleaning it’s important to make sure that all surfaces are dust-free. However in some instances the dust sitting on a surface may not be easy to remove. And one of these places is on fabric lamp shades.

The dust which sits on a fabric lamp shade can be difficult to remove. You’ll find that wiping it over with a regular duster will do little except leave yellow duster lint on the shade’s surface (along with the dust). But you can get rid of the dust easily.

The first thing to try to get rid of the dust is the vacuum. If you have a small soft brush attachment which can be fixed to your flexible hose, this can prove extremely useful at removing the dust. You have to be careful when moving around the shade’s surface but normally this will get rid of all the dust.

If you haven’t got a soft brush attachment you might have to resort to a slightly damp microfibre cloth. This should remove the dust from the shade’s surface. However you need to be careful when getting any type of thin fabric wet as it may leave watermarks on the fabric’s surface. It’s thus imperative to make sure the cloth is well rung out before it’s used.