There are two rooms in every home which must be kept spotlessly clean so that hygiene standards are maintained. These rooms are the kitchen and the bathroom.

Cleaning the kitchen

Because the kitchen is the room where food is prepared it needs to be kept spotlessly clean. Any bacteria lurking on unclean surfaces is a tummy-bug waiting to happen. Work surfaces are perhaps the most important area to keep clean but all surfaces, including cupboard doors, sinks and draining areas must be kept in a good state of cleanliness.

One of the areas in the kitchen which gets forgotten when cleaning is the cupboard door handles. However because we touch the handles regularly they can become a haven for bacteria and germs. It’s thus important to focus on every part of the kitchen when cleaning.

Cleaning the bathroom

It goes without saying that a bathroom needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep hygiene levels high. However, whilst many people will consider the toilet, and more specifically the toilet seat, to require the most attention there are other areas in the bathroom which also need to be cleaned meticulously. Bathroom taps and the toilet flush are the two areas where increased focus needs to be placed when cleaning a bathroom. The tap handles in particular will be touched by everyone in the house both before and after their hands have been washed when using the toilet. This makes it imperative that the tap handles are cleaned on regular basis.