If you sit behind a desk every day at work you’ll be aware how demoralising it can sometimes be if there’s not a lot of interaction between yourself and your colleagues. So anything you can do to make your desk a brighter and more welcoming place to sit can really help.

Some of the things you can do to improve your desk space include:

• Choosing your own desktop screen saver – instead of using the generic screen saver which is installed on your computer try personalising it.
• Bring in things from home – it’s amazing how you can make your space feel more homely if you just bring in a small pot plant or some pictures of friends and family.
• Clear the clutter – if you want to have a clear head you need to have a clear desk. Using a set of organising trays and a pen pot can be a great way to file paperwork and keep your desk tidy.
• Clean the desk – if you have a dirty desk it’s not conducive to working effectively. Keeping your desk clean isn’t just great for your personal hygiene levels it can also be indicative of how you work.

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