If you are thinking of hiring a cleaner to look after the housework at home you need to think carefully about what they can offer you in terms of level of service.

Some cleaning companies will offer a basic cleaning service where they’ll vacuum and dust and keep on top of the general tidiness; however others offer a range of services which might be perfect for your specific needs.

Cleaning companies have diversified over the years and as well as standard cleaning they now offer a range of other services such as:

• Laundry
• Ironing
• One-off cleans
• Room specific cleans
• After-building work cleans
• Housekeeper tasks (shopping/cooking)

You might never need your cleaning company to do some ironing for you or hang out the washing, but if the service is there it is worth looking at the available options further. Many of us now work long hours where we get up early and return to our home late in the day, leaving little time to keep on top of all the jobs associated with running a house. But if you have a cleaning company who will keep on top of these tasks you’ll be half-way there to having a clean and tidy home.