We all love it when the weather starts to warm up and we can spend more time outdoors, but when the sun does shine there is one part of your home that you’ll instantly need to clean – the windows. Why? When the sun shines through your windows every bit if dirt and grime is revealed for all to see, but worry not, cleaning your windows is easy if you know how.

Cleaning the windows might seem like an easy job, but it’s really hard to get a professional finish. Often when you’ve cleaned the windows grubby marks or streaks will still be present, so how do you get them sparkling clean?

If the windows are really dirty, it’s a good idea to start with a bowl of soapy water. Wash the windows using a rag, concentrating first on the window panes themselves, then wash the frames and the sills – the frames and sills get dirty too! When you’ve done with one window, wipe it clean using a dry rag. You can then spray on a proprietary window cleaning solution and buff clean using paper towels.

It might take a little longer to do it this way than just using the window spray alone, but you’ll only get rid of all the dirt if the windows are washed properly first.