Many people just give their carpets a quick vacuum once in a while to remove the dust and debris sitting on the carpet’s surface. But what about the ingrained dirt deep within the carpet pile? And what benefits are possible if you keep your carpets really clean.

If you only vacuum your carpet from time to time, any dirt on the carpet will soon be compressed deeper within the carpet pile. And vacuuming alone is then never enough to remove this dirt from the carpet’s deeper reaches. So to remove this dirt from the carpets inner depths, you’ll have to resort to a deeper cleaning process than vacuuming alone – hot water extraction.

Cleaning a carpet is really easy using the hot water extraction technique. A fine mist of warm water and carpet cleaner is sprayed across the carpet area. This is left to work on the carpet to get within the carpet pile where the detergent breaks up the dirt and the grime. The hot water extraction machine is then passed over the carpet and using its powerful water extracting capabilities, sucks the now dirty water from within the carpet. This leaves the carpet clean and fresh.

If you keep your carpets clean by frequently vacuuming and then have them professionally cleaned using the hot water extraction technique from time to time, your carpets will last longer and your health will benefit, as allergens such as dust and pollen will be kept to a minimum.