A house clean is not complete unless the skirting boards are sparkling. And it’s never enough to give the skirting boards a brush over with the extendible hose on your vacuum cleaner either, if you are going to do a job you may as well do it properly.

People tend to skip the job of cleaning their skirting boards because they are often really hard to clean. And we don’t just mean to remove the dirt. It can be a back-breaking job cleaning all the skirting boards, especially if you have to move furniture out of the way first.

If you are going to clean your skirting boards properly the first thing to do is suck up all the sitting dust and dirt using a vacuum, if you like you can use a duster for this step. Then using some warm soapy water you need to use a fresh rag and wipe the skirting boards over thoroughly, concentrating on any really dirty areas whilst making sure you don’t soak the delicate paintwork or wallpaper just above the skirtings. It’s also important to pay attention to the profile of the skirting, any odd shapes and indents in the skirting should be paid particular attention to remove grime.

When the boards have been washed clean, you can use a new rag to wipe over the skirtings to remove any soap residue and bring them up to a shiny finish.