You might think that cleaning your flat screen TV is as simple as wiping it over with a cloth once in a while – but you’d be wrong. If you want to keep your flat screen TV looking great there are a few tips you should follow so you don’t damage the delicate screen.

Traditional glass cleaners can actually damage the surface of a flat screen TV due to the chemicals contained within the product itself, so it’s never a good idea to use these. Most glass cleaner solutions contain ammonia which can dull the screen surface if it is used regularly. Instead, where possible, a made-for-use flat panel spray cleaning solution should be used. You can pick these up from most large supermarkets nowadays or even from your local computer store, as the same solution is used to clean computer monitors or laptop screens.

The next tip is never use kitchen paper or tissues to clean the screen, although these may feel soft to the touch they contain wood fibres which may actually scratch the screen. The best item to use is a microfibre cloth. It’s also worth mentioning at this stage that the cleaning spray should be directed at the cloth and never sprayed directly at the screen.

If you haven’t got a dedicated flat screen cleaning spray you can simply use plain water lightly sprayed into a microfibre cloth, although this won’t give the same level of finish it will clean the screen and won’t cause any damage during the cleaning process.