An occasional one-off deep clean, greater than your usual clean, can be a cathartic experience, and helps to maintain a healthy and clean environment for you and your family. Hiring a professional cleaning company can be a reasonable option to help with this challenge.

Generally a deep clean will involve more time, and consequently a minimum spend greater than that of a regular clean, but the benefits will also be greater. A deep clean can really improve the atmosphere of your home, and will be useful on a number of occasions.

You could make the most of deep clean for a number of reasons:

• Spring cleaning – to freshen up your home at the end of the winter months of hibernation at home.

• After party cleaning – cleaning up after a big event can be extremely time consuming, and a real come down after a fun time, an ideal excuse to get some help.

• End of tenancy cleaning – a final thorough clean when leaving a property to ensure that your landlord has nothing to complain about.

• After building work – houses can get very dirty when building work is being undertaken, and a deep clean is often required as a consequence.