Many homes in the UK now have laminate flooring installed in a number of the rooms. Laminate flooring is easy to fit, is cheap to buy and is really hardwearing, so it’s no wonder it’s so popular. However, we are often asked how to keep laminate flooring looking like new.

How to clean laminate

It’s really easy to keep laminate flooring clean, all you need are a few cleaning essentials which everyone has in the cupboard under the sink.

Perhaps the first thing to say about cleaning laminate flooring is that regular vacuuming of the floor surface will go a long way to keeping it in great shape. Removing the dust, dirt and grit from the floor surface by vacuuming regularly will put a stop to those annoying scratches which can occur on the floor surface.

Laminate flooring can then be mopped using a ‘well rung out’ mop and a cleaning solution which has been specially formulated for cleaning laminate flooring. This way the dirt can be removed from the floor and the cleaning solution will give the floor a nice sheen. It’s important not to use a generic floor cleaner or even worse bleach, as this can dull the polished surface. It’s also important that the mop is well rung out as any water left on the floor surface after mopping can cause warping or plank expansion if it finds its way between the planks.

Lastly, ask your friends to take off their shoes before they enter your house, and high heels are a definite no-no. If you wear slippers instead of shoes your laminate will stay looking great for many years to come.