More and more homes across the UK are having hardwood flooring installed as the homeowners realise the benefits that this type of flooring can bring. Hardwood flooring is not only beautiful it is also hardwearing, is virtually maintenance free and will last for many more years before it needs to be replaced than a conventional carpeted floor.

If you want to keep your hardwood flooring looking great there are a few steps you should follow:
• Use entrance mats so feet can be wiped before entering the home
• Don’t pull heavy furniture items across hardwood flooring
• Use castor cups on the feet of furniture
• Adopt a regular maintenance and cleaning routine

Keeping a hardwood floor clean is really easy, you simply have to sweep or vacuum the dust away and then mop the floor over using a well rung out mop. It’s really important to not get a hardwood floor too wet, water ingress between the hardwood flooring planks can cause plank expansion and warping. Similarly you need to make sure that any spills are cleaned from the floor straight away so water is not left to sit on the floor’s surface.