There are certain parts of the home that may require a specialist approach to cleaning rather than just a flick of a duster to keep them clean – fireplaces are one of these.

Marble fireplace cleaning

If you have a marble fireplace it can really add that ‘wow’ factor to your room, however the cleaning of a marble fireplace may need a little attention.

Marble has amazing durability and looks great but its inherent flaw is that it is porous. This means that it can be easy to stain if the right cleaning products aren’t used.

• Dust the surface with a soft dry rag.
• Dip a sponge into a hot water/mild detergent mix (ph neutral) and wring it out so it is just damp and not wet. Wipe over the surround removing any marks.
• Using a specialist marble cleaning product wipe over the marble surround. You can buy marble cleaning products from most large supermarkets nowadays. You need to follow the instructions on the bottle carefully as some of these cleaners do contain a mild abrasive which can damage the fireplace if it is not used as stated.
• Dry the fireplace with a clean rag.
After these steps you might want to use a marble sealing product so the fireplace is easier to clean next time you attempt the cleaning process.

Cleaning a marble fire surround can be a delicate operation and should be done with the upmost care. If you are not sure how best to approach this, it is always better to turn to a professional cleaning company in London for advice.