More and more people are working from home as they try to find the right work/life balance. It can be an excellent idea to work from home if your employer is conducive to the advantages but you will need to be very strict with yourself regarding your work performance.

When you work from home it’s easy to start a little later or finish a little earlier, it’s also easy to waste time making excessive cups of teas and doing jobs around the home. The best way to work from home is to install a home office, or at least dedicate a space where you are going to work so that you won’t be disturbed and you won’t be tempted by other things around you.

If you have a home office you need to make it work and the one way you can do this is by keeping it clean and tidy and free from clutter. If you let your work things flow over into your home life you can soon start to have problems focussing on your workload and become inefficient.

A clean and tidy workplace is a productive workplace so it’s important that office cleaning is done regularly.