A lot of people live in rented homes. The big advantage is that you’re not tied down and can move somewhere else with very few problems. However, even when you’re renting, a move can still be laborious. Stacking up all your stuff and getting it over to your new place is a big enough task in itself, but you’ll also have to leave your old rental property in a fit state for the next tenants.

In order to achieve this and to ensure you get your deposit back, it’s wise to hire professional end of tenancy cleaners to do the task on your behalf. With plenty already on your mind, this is one less job to worry about. It’s not impossible that your rental contract will specifically demand that you have the property cleaned by professionals.

End of tenancy cleaning will involve a full and comprehensive clean of the flat or house. Ovens, fridges, cupboards and shelves will all be thoroughly cleaned, as well as obvious areas like carpets and bathrooms.

Professionals will have the right tools for the job and will do a better job than you ever could, so take the sensible choice and have end of tenancy cleaning done on your behalf.