Carpets have several benefits over hard floors. Primarily, they feel better under foot and offer better insulation, leading to a warmer home. Unfortunately, the down side is that the nature of a carpet makes it difficult to clean, meaning it can accumulate dirt and thus harbour germs and bacteria.

Carpet cleaning does not need to be done every week, but it does need doing. It is also highly recommended that you make use of professional carpet cleaners for the task as they will have specialist equipment and know-how. If you clean your carpets yourself, they might look okay, but there is no saying what is still lurking deep in the fibres of the carpet.

Sometimes it’s not even a matter of hidden dirt. Because they’re on the floor, carpets will naturally get things spilt on them from time to time. Often this isn’t a problem, but some things stain more than others and can be hard to get out. A stain in the middle of your carpet is hard to ignore. Professional carpet cleaners should be able to get rid of it and return your carpet to its best.