One of the areas in an office which needs to be cleaned regularly due to the dirt and dust build up is the computer equipment that the office workers use on a daily basis. And the worst component to attract this dust and dirt is the computer keyboard.

A keyboard has a lot of cracks and crevices where all sorts of grime can hide unseen, not to mention many surfaces which are touched by grubby fingers on a daily basis. And if the keyboard is shared between a number of people it’s easy to see how coughs and colds can be transferred between departmental members.

Office cleaners in London pay special attention to computer keyboards to make sure they are kept sparkling clean. The dust and dirt is vacuumed away from the crevices between the keys and then the keys are wiped over with a clean cloth to remove any surface dirt.

There are many ways you can keep on top of the cleanliness of your computer keyboard. Gadgets such as UBS mini vacuums, which can plug into your computer, can suck away the dirt and special computer wipes and sticky gels can be used to keep the keys clean.