Alongside the kitchen, the bathroom is perhaps the room which needs the most attention in terms of cleaning. It’s always better to adopt a specific cleaning regime in terms of bathroom cleaning so that it is done on a regular basis.

There are some areas of the bathroom which need particular attention due to the level of grime or bacteria that can otherwise build up unnoticed.

• The toilet – Most people pay particular attention when cleaning the toilet, but it’s not just under the rim or on the toilet seat where the germs congregate. Pay particular attention to cleaning the toilet flush button or handle and the point where you touch the toilet seat when lifting it up or putting it down. Also pay attention to the outside lower surfaces of the toilet where toddlers or young children could easily touch.
• The shower screen – it’s easy to wipe down the shower walls but also as easy to forget about the shower screen. If the shower screen is not cleaned regularly the dirt will be difficult to shift and may eventually tarnish the sleek finish. Always make sure the product you use will not damage the material the screen is made from.
• The taps – When cleaning the sink or bath concentrate on the taps. These are the place you touch before and after you wash, so they need to be spotlessly clean.