Being the place where food is prepared makes it imperative that the kitchen is kept hygienically clean, and we don’t just mean the work surfaces. There are specific areas where bacteria can build up in the kitchen and a simple wipe over with a wet cloth won’t cut it in terms of keeping everything hygienically clean. Places NOT to be missed when cleaning the kitchen include:

• Door handles – it’s easy to wipe over the kitchen cupboard doors but forget about the handles. However it’s the handles where any dirt and grime will congregate.
• Cooker knobs – again, it’s the knobs on the cooker which are forgotten when cleaning, but it’s these areas you touch when cooking. For this reason cooker knobs need to be kept spotlessly clean.
• Kettle handle – if you have a shared kitchen it’s the kettle handle where the germs will congregate. Wipe over the handle with a disinfectant solution to make sure it’s hygienically clean.
• Taps – we don’t give it a second thought when we turn off the taps that we are likely putting bacteria straight back onto the clean hands we’ve just washed. Taps need to be kept clean too.
• Fridge door handles – the fridge door handle can also be a haven for dirt and grime. Make sure this is kept clean using an appropriate cleaning solution.