Standard CRT televisions usually had a glass screen which was really easy to keep clean. But with more and more people choosing a flat panel LCD or LED TV, it has becoming apparent that there needs to be a method of cleaning employed which does not damage this sensitive technological device.

Flat panel screens are more sensitive than their glass counterparts and because of this can be scratched quite easily if they are not cleaned correctly.

With the flat panel screen turned off it’s easy to see any dirty or oily marks on the screen. Using a dry soft cloth you can gently wipe the screen to remove any surface dust and dirt, a microfibre cloth can work really well here. It’s important not to wipe too hard and if the dirt or stains aren’t being removed an alternative method should be employed.

To remove stubborn marks the cloth can be dampened slightly with distilled water. You can also buy screen wipes which are manufactured specifically for the job of cleaning flat screen televisions and monitors. Never use a generic cleaning spray or a rough cloth or wipe such as kitchen roll as these can damage the screen.