At first glance you might think there’s a grammatical error in the title of this article, but we can assure you there isn’t. One of the most important cleaning items you’ll own is a vacuum cleaner, but how do you expect your vacuum to clean your home if the vacuum itself is dirty?

Every now and again your vacuum cleaner needs to be given a spot of maintenance so that it will still suck up the dust like it did on the very first day you took it out of the box.

Some of the things you can do to keep your vacuum cleaner in good shape include:

• Empty the cleaner regularly – most vacuums are now the bagless types, but it’s still important to empty the cylinder regularly. When you empty it make sure you remove all traces of dust and dirt as this may hamper performance if it is allowed to build up.
• Clean the filter – newer vacuums have HEPA filters which remove things such as pollen and other allergens from floor surfaces. This filter should be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain performance.
• Remove blockages – every now and again it’s worth checking in all the suction pipes to remove any clogged hair or debris. Over time this can build up and cause the vacuum to overheat.
• Rotating brush – the rotating brush featured on many vacuums is a place where hair, clothes fibres and other debris can build up. This can get stuck around the roller reducing performance.
You only get the best finish when the tools you use to keep your home clean and tidy and also clean.