You might think that dusting is one of the simplest ways to clean. But there are some ways you can perfect your dusting to get rid of the maximum amount of dust possible.

The inherent problem with dusting is that a small proportion of the dust will not be attracted to your duster and will instead get swept up into the air, only to fall on surfaces at a later date. The best way to combat this problem is to use the right type of cloth. A visit to your local supermarket will reveal there’s more dusting cloths available than your standard yellow duster. Some cloths or dusters have fibres which attract dust due to the static created, whilst others are treated with chemicals which claim to lock the dust into the duster.

The next thing you can do is to dust something from top to bottom. Dust will naturally fall to the floor, so by working from top to bottom you won’t have to re-dust surfaces. Another good tip is to use a vacuum to remove high levels of dust before using your standard dusting method and then always vacuuming the floor after dusting to get rid of any particles which your duster may have missed.