When your carpet is first laid it can look absolutely stunning and totally transform how a room looks. But after a few months the pile might have started to flatten and there might be one or two marks noticeable here and there. After about a year or so you might see pathways forming across the carpet where you normally walk or indentations where you normally place your feet whilst sitting on the sofa. That once new carpet look soon starts to wane, so what do you do?

If you’ve had a carpet fitted over a year ago the lustre and newness will most definitely have worn off by now. But you can put some life back into your carpet by having it cleaned. Carpet cleaning companies in London have all the necessary equipment to make your carpet look like new.

A carpet cleaning company will choose a carpet cleaning method which is best suited for your carpet type then will test an inconspicuous area of your carpet before starting their cleaning process. This is to test for colour soundness and to make sure the cleaning process is suited to your carpet type. They will then clean the carpet bringing back its lost lustre.