Nobody wants to spend hours on house cleaning, so here are some tips to help you cut down your cleaning time.

You need to be well organised in order to save time. Firstly, put all your cleaning products in one place. If you have them dotted around the house, the time it takes to collect them will add up over the day. It is advisable to accumulate all the cleaners either in a bucket or tray before starting to clean your house.

It is not recommended to clean your house from one side of the house to other and back again; clean from room to room. Always start furthest away from where you keep your cleaning products, so you do not have to go through any area which you have already cleaned. Thus, cleaning in an organised manner will save your valuable time every month.

Avoid doing things that unnecessarily spread dust around. One example of this is dusting. Do not use a standard duster to get rid of dust. Instead use a moist rag or towel as that will hold the dust instead of spreading it into air. Also make sure you use a vacuum with a filter.