House cleaning can be a fun process but depends on the frame of mind that you have. The problem with most working UK home owners is that they cannot accommodate regular house cleaning into their hectic schedule. The weekend is usually used up entertaining guests or going out. If you find it difficult keeping your house clean, you can enlist the help of a house cleaning service.

Listed below are two tips that can come in handy if you intend to clean your home all by yourself.

1) For glass windows: Use crumpled newspaper and warm water with a small quantity of vinegar to clean your windows. The vinegar will help you get rid of the stubborn grime. You can then wipe your window using the dry newspaper or kitchen towel. Don’t use a cloth that has lint, as the lint will adhere to the surface of the glass.

2) Stubborn stickers and labels: Stickers and labels can be removed with the help of white vinegar. If you intend to remove a sticker that is spoiling the look of a piece of furniture in your home, use some white vinegar on the sticker. Let the vinegar soak in and then use a scraper to get rid of the sticker. It is worth noting that you should always use vinegar on an inconspicuous part of the furniture before removal of the sticker in case the vinegar affects the surface.

If you are unsure of the general house cleaning process, it is recommended that you try a house cleaning service. They are efficient, thorough and do a great job.