If you are thinking about giving your home a spring clean it can be quite daunting. But if you plan ahead and take it a room at a time the results can be amazing.

If you deal with the housework room by room, it is made much more manageable than if you tackle it all at once. When you’re doing a spring clean the usual course of action includes:

• Going through drawers and cupboards and sorting out unneeded items
• Removing curtains and getting them professionally cleaned
• Wiping all wooden surfaces
• Dusting all surfaces and polishing where necessary, including ornaments
• Cleaning all windows, mirrors and pictures
• Checking condition of soft furnishing and cleaning as appropriate
• Cleaning behind all heavy items such as chests of drawers, beds and sofas
• Vacuuming thoroughly
• Cleaning carpets or mopping floors as needed

It can be seen from the above list that spring cleaning is no mean feat. There is a lot to be done. But if you tackle one room at a time, you can get on top of the cleaning and have a spotlessly clean home.