You might undertake a weekly regime of cleaning and tidying your home. You may even get the carpets cleaned from time-to-time, but how often do you have your curtains cleaned?

Like other soft furnishings and upholstery, curtains can become grubby over time. But because they seem to be part of the fabric of the room they often get forgotten.

Curtains need special care and attention and can’t just be thrown in the washing machine to spruce them up.

If you want your curtains cleaned properly you should always use a specialist curtain cleaning company. They will even come to your home and take your curtains down, and then refit them when they have been cleaned; all you have to do is be amazed at the results.

If you choose a professional curtain cleaning company in London you’ll be sure that your curtains will not show:

• Any signs of damage
• Shrinkage or curtain distortion
• Any colour change
• Stains due to the process used

The professional re-hanging of the curtains will also leave them looking as though they are brand new.
Many people don’t get their curtains cleaned because they are scared of potential damage. However, if you choose a first class curtain cleaning service all your worries will disappear.